CEMS Consulting
GK Associates provides CEMS installation, support and consulting services for many existing manufacturers including

  • Teledyne - Advanced Pollution Instrumentation
  • Sick-Maihak MCS-100 E flue gas analyzer
  • Sick-Maihak MCS-100 based infrared analyzer
  • Thermo Scientific
  • M&C Products
  • Ametek
  • California Analytical Instruments
  • LAND Combustion
  • J.U.M. Instruments
  • Rosemount Analytical
  • Universal Analyzers

.... to name just a few.  We also design and build custom CEMS, data acquisition and control systems (DACS), ambient monitoring systems and solutions for many other environmental applications.  GK Associates is an Independent Service Organization (ISO) and we are experienced with many different CEMS.  By utilizing our services you can be assured of the continued success and minimal added expense for the support of your equipment.  GK Associates engineers can help you accomplish these goals by providing the following support services:

CUSTOM CEMS SELECTION AND INSTALLATION SUPPORT - Assistance for additional or first-time installations in order to minimize frustration dealing with manufacturers' representatives and ensure proper equipment specifications and successful installations.

DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM UPGRADES - Turn-key modernization for aging DAS including user-friendly Windows based software, PLC or Data Logger hardware, installation and operator training.

QUALITY ASSURANCE / QUALITY CONTROL PLAN - GKA can prepare a detailed Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QAQC) document to meet the requirements for new CEMS as required under US EPA 40CFR Part 60 Appendix F. 

EPA PART 75 SPECIALISTS - Our team of experts can help you navigate the maze of EPA regulations to ensure your facility is in full compliance. We also offer training and technical assistance for foreign countries wanting to update their regulatory framework to fully comply with US EPA Part 75 requirements, including electronic data reporting software and infrastructure.

DOCUMENTATION UPGRADES - Customized manuals for maintenance and operational personnel that may not have been provided the manufacturer or have been lost or outdated.
CEMS Consulting and Engineering
Custom CEMS
Data Acquisition Systems
CEMS Consulting
Design, build, installation and maintenance of custom CEMS
System engineering, design, integration, and installation consulting
Design, configuration,  and programming of PLC’s and DCS systems
Prepare and update detailed Quality Assurance plans
CEMS Stack
"GKA provided great customer service and technical support for couple of SVE projects for which I purchased continuous monitoring FID instruments. GKA has in-depth knowledge in instrumentation and ensured the instruments were working properly and delivered to our satisfaction. I will not hesitate to recommend GK Associates to others having similar needs".

-Suman Ghosh,
Project Hydrogeologist at MGI

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