CEMS Leasing
GKA Financial Services provides a range of financing programs that deliver flexibility for your CEMS needs. Whether you’re looking at a Capital or Fair Market Value lease program, GKA Financial Services can design a valuable program that is customized specifically for your organization.

Financing has many advantages that make it an ideal solution for your equipment purchases. Offering financing enables us to help you acquire the equipment you need through affordable monthly payments instead of a large capital expense. Our customers value the ability to pay for their equipment in smaller monthly payments rather than depleting their cash reserves by having to pay for the entire transaction upfront.  It can even help you purchase your CEMS equipment more quickly by allowing you to transfer signatory authority to the plant or local level, instead of having to wait for corporate approvals.

As a financial tool, leasing can hold significant business advantages. There are multiple tax benefits that can be obtained from leasing.  It can also assist in preserving lines of credit and overcoming budget constraints. Leasing also provides flexibility if you feel your technology will be changing regularly due to advances in the technology arena.  Leasing empowers you to easily replace and upgrade obsolescent technology without worrying about initial acquisition costs or how to dispose of the old equipment.  Essentially, leasing can lower the effective cost of ownership.

With GKA Financial Services, you have a single source for procuring and financing your CEMS needs. No matter what solution you choose, GKA Financial Services can design a leasing package specifically tailored for your needs.  Contact us for more information.

CEMS Leasing
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Offering financing enables our customers to acquire more equipment when they are looking at an affordable monthly payment instead of a large capital expense.
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