CEMS Maintenance
GK Associates provides maintenance and support services for all brand names and types of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS).  GK Associates is an Independent Service Organization (ISO) and we are experienced with many different CEM systems.  By utilizing our services you can be assured of the continued success and minimal added expense for the support of your equipment. 

GK Associates can help you accomplish these goals by providing the following maintenance services:

MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS - Maintenance contracts are available in routine monthly, quarterly or yearly intervals, including Linearity and Cylinder Gas Audits (CGA), QA/QC reviews and Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA) support required by regulatory agencies.  GK Associates can provide scheduled maintenance visits, monthly, quarterly, yearly or more frequently if necessary.  Discounts are available for the purchase of multi-year agreements.

HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE SUPPORT - Custom solutions for hardware and software upgrades, computer and emission reporting software consulting.

ON-SITE REPAIR - Cost-effective emergency response for unplanned repairs as well as Spare Parts Management to expedite repairs.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICES - Periodic and preventative maintenance services are available in order to reduce the need for costly emergency repairs and excessive downtime.

EMERGENCY PHONE SUPPORT- Easy and fast access to an experienced and knowledgeable CEM engineer.

CEMS Basic Annual Support Agreement may include:
  • 4 scheduled quarterly on-site visits per year.
  • 3 quarters include comprehensive CEMS operation and maintenance review, spare parts management, ongoing operator/maintenance training, opacity and stack flow sub-system verification with adjustments as required.
  • 3 quarters include CEMS Cylinder Gas Audits (CGA) with EPA compliance report (client to supply CGA gas cylinders)
  • 4 quarters include Opacity Linearity Test with EPA compliance report.
  • 1 quarter includes on-site pre-RATA system review/inspection plus on-site support during RATA testing.

CEMS Extended On-site Support may include:
  • includes 4 additional monthly on-site visits during first 6 months of the CEMS Quarterly Agreement (above);
  • monthly comprehensive CEMS operation and maintenance review, spare parts management and recommendations, continuing operator/maintenance training, 24/7 phone support, opacity and stack flow sub-system review/adjustment

2-Year CEMS Support Agreement for Monthly Maintenance visits and
RATA Support Services Services may include:
  • 24 scheduled monthly site visits for CEMS hardware review, maintenance recommendations, advanced CEMS maintenance procedures training for operators, parts management assistance (spare parts not included) and DAS data analysis.
  • 4 unscheduled emergency call-out site visits (additional visits billed at discounted labor rate)
  • 2 CEMS pre-RATA inspection and RATA support visit.
  • 24/7 technical phone support
  • Unlimited remote support (requires access via secure, high-speed Virtual Private Network or DSL service)
  • Ongoing CEM system training for service technicians
  • QAQC review and updates during the contract period

Maintenance Services
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