CEMS Training
GK Associates experienced and knowledgeable engineers can provide your personnel with across the board on-site training in the operation and routine maintenance of your CEM system. Whether it’s a calibration or compliance reports, after our extensive training sessions your personnel will have no issue in keeping you CEM system working effectively on a daily basis. 

Training is an integral part to operating and maintaining a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) and GK Associates offers several levels of training for plant operators, technicians, and management personnel geared specifically to your site. Since every customer's needs differ, GK Associates will customize your training curriculum to meet your specific CEM system configuration and personnel's current knowledge.  Specific preventative maintenance steps are reviewed, emphasizing how strict adherence to quality control procedures is necessary. Your site personnel will learn how the QA/QC plan protects the functionality of the system and the integrity of data that is recorded. Hands-on training with the system is also included. Personnel are taught to identify sample flows and system inputs/outputs, how to use preventative maintenance checklists to ensure the health of the system on a daily and weekly basis, as well as how to perform manual calibrations, sharpen troubleshooting skills and perform routine maintenance.

Our knowledgeable engineers will provide your staff with comprehensive training to make them well-informed in the operation and routine maintenance of your site specific equipment. Whether it’s a solving an alarm situation or replacing a worn part, your staff will have the ability to keeping your monitoring system working effectively.

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CEMS Training
CEMS Training
Customized Level 3 USA EPA 40 CFR Part 75 Field Audit training for personnel at Newtech International W.L.L. in the Kingdom of Qatar. 
-   October 2011
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